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Dog Food Is Going Fresh And Healthy

I, have been feeding my dog Beneful since 2003. The way I met my dog was quite amazing and I had no intention on getting a dog but, I guess somethings are just meant to be. I was driving home from college when I saw the most disturbing sight. A few car lengths ahead on the expressway, I noticed a car slow down. They opened their door and left a box on the side of the road. I was thinking “ I can’t stand littering.” when I saw something move in the box. At first I thought it was a cat but, it wasn’t it was a puppy. So I got out and grabbed the puppy. She was the sweetest little thing ever, a mutt but, one of her eyes is blue the other brown. I named her patches. At the time I knew nothing about dogs. So I went into the pet store and asked for a high quality puppy food. The cashier said she feeds her dog Beneful. So I grabbed a bag of Beneful puppy food. She has been eating Beneful for 13 years and recently, I read a great article about the new age of dog food to which, Beneful is a high quality industry leader. I will attach it here. Daily Herald Article There are a select few, high quality dog food makers, coming out with a new product line on twitter. These are foods that are great for patches who is now entering her golden years. I felt good reading the article because, they talk about how the high quality Beneful brand is one of the healthiest on the market. They also mention how the new trend is healthy wholesome food that even the owner would like. The high quality dog food products today even have a shelf life and are kept cold. It is wonderful that the pet food industry, at least the higher end companies, are going all natural for dogs. I guess sales have gone up close to 50 percent. It is a much better life for dogs these day.

YouTube: The New Media

YouTube has quickly become one of the most popular mediums that people use in order to watch their favorite shows. Users can not only watch their favorite shows, but they can also upload videos to the social media platform. The advantages of YouTube go far beyond what television could offer. While people have to wait a certain amount of time before their favorite shows or a video that they want to see airs on television, they could just access anything they want at anytime. The only waiting time that is still in effect is the waiting period before the release of the new file.

One thing that is coming with YouTube is the new type of celebrity, the famous YouTuber. YouTubers often become famous with the use of viral videos. However, many other famous YouTubers become famous through marketing and getting enough subscribers in order to get the views needed in order to profit from their videos. It does take a lot of work in order to gain enough views. It is a lot like running a website. It takes a lot of optimization and marketing in order to bring about the views needed to achieve fame. Often times, viral videos involve outrageous and controversial content.

One YouTuber that has worked hard in order to gain the fame that she has achieved is Wendy Huang, known as Wengie. It took her a lot of work and effort in order to bring in a bunch of viewers. She talks about some of the more positive and uplifting subjects like beauty and how one can improve her looks. She also experiments with different styles and shows her different looks that she has achieved. She gives a lot of tutorials on different styles of make up in order to help people bring out their best look with the use of makeup.

Wengie takes a lot of time to do her videos, making sure that the content is edited in order to bring her point to the users in a concise way. While she is a positive person, she is also very truthful about what she thinks and how she feels. She is also a kind person when it comes to interviews. Often times, it is the kindness of one’s heart that brings out the beauty of the person. Wengie has a ton of kindness to showcase to the world to go along with her style and make up.

Reasons Individuals Should Work For Health Care Companies

There are so many different careers to choose from. However, working for a health care company is one of the best options for a lot of individuals. Here are some reasons to work for these companies.

One reason to work for health care companies is they offer great pay. Once individuals get their degree in medicine they will make a lot of money working for health care companies. These jobs pay more than most jobs that are available.

Another reason to work for a health care company is individuals can pick the people they want to work with. Individuals that love children can work in pediatrics. People that like working with adults have a wide array of different options available such as a general practitioner.

Individuals that work for health care companies are in high demand. This means that people in this field are rarely unemployed. There are so many different jobs available for them. This means individuals will always have a steady job and paycheck.

Individuals that want to travel to several different places in the United States will love working for a health care company on There is work in practically every city and state in the country. This is because there needs to be a hospital nearby. This means that individuals can travel and live wherever they want with this profession.

Working for a health care company such aas Nobilis Health on stockhouse allows individuals to help others. This profession is for people that love to work with people. Working for a health care company lets individuals make a difference in the world by allowing them to help sick patients.

Individuals looking for a great health care company to work for should check out Nobilis Health. They are a healthcare company that helps manage hospitals in the United States. They are hiring a wide array of different medical professionals to work in their hospitals. These include Radiology Technicians, Registered Nurses, Physicians, and many other professions. Nobilis Health specializes in many different types of medical specialties such as General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, and many others. They manage over one hundred different surgical centers.

Working for a health care company like Nobilis Health as a medical professional is a great job. It allows individuals to help others while getting a great paycheck. It also allows individuals to travel and make a difference in the world. Individuals looking for a rewarding career should work for a health care company.

Eric Pulier Advocates for Technological Advancement

The U.S. has one of the most advanced and dynamic market in the world. The survival to the fittest is the rule of this competitive financial jungle. Companies that have channeled resources towards technological advancements are the ones enjoying immense success. To curb the rising expenditure in the delivery of IT services major businesses has been out to purchase soft wares as soon as they are launched. The high demand for these technological apps, has attracted top-notch investors and established companies. ServiceMesh Company was founded in 2007 and in 15th November 2013, Computer Service Corporation officially acquired it after signing a definitive agreement.

In terms of technology advancement, ServiceMesh is a next generation IT Company. They help clients to transfer their applications into cloud computing backgrounds. They have launched a quality and unique platform that allows on-demand, self-service IT functioning models for their broad client base. They offer their services to global and established companies in the financial and health care sector. The development of Agility platform propelled it to a respected and influential. This podium enhances the positioning and control of enterprise applications across all cloud environments. This platform will reduce costs, increase productivity and encourage innovation across the technological world by creating a conducive environment.

The company has over 200 employees whose excellent track of record in computer software development and management runs for many years. They range from qualified application developers, industry consultants, and cyber security experts to versatile software engineers and sales professionals. The clients enjoy personalized and result oriented services. The Agility Platform 9.1 caters for the high demand in OpenStack; it has additional OpenStack implementations such as Folsum and Grizzly. DevOps tool chain integration and support is enhanced by the Command Line Interface (CLI). The release and launch of new software is going to be speeded up with the DevOps application. ServiceMesh brings the necessary IT transformation required for businesses to market their products to clients online and at a lower cost.

Mr. Eric Pulier is a respected and influential investor and technologist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of ServiceMesh. He is an active humanitarian and he has funded several non-profit organizations such as Ace Foundation focused to develop software that help tackle humanity grand challenges. He also funds needy undergraduate’s student to achieve their higher education dream through the program Campaign for Free College Tuition. He was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also completed his high school course. He is a graduate of Harvard University after pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is published author with many magazines and journals to his name. In addition, his articles appears in famous newspapers in the U.S. Mr. Pulier is a family man, blessed with four children that he loves spending time with when not in office striking deals.

Finding her Freedom: Yeonmi Park’s Life

The latest book release by Yeonmi Park gives a voice to life in North Korea and provides a intimate story of one girls’ struggle. Her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom, was released earlier this year in September. Ms. Park describes her family life as being loving and supportive but living in North Korea was a completely different lifestyle. She describes it as being “brutal” in her testimony. She tells the story on The Guardian of her father being imprisoned and tortured. She and her family were forced to the cruel borders of North Korea after being deemed criminals. When she was just thirteen she had her appendix removed in a substandard surgery that left her in excruciating pain. At the same time, she and her mother were smuggled out of North Korea and into China. As they made their plight to flee North Korea, she was not imagining freedom. She writes about this difficult voyage to endure. After making it to South Korea, she was given the news that her father had passed away and her sister was still missing. Ms. Park’s book sheds light on her incredible journey from a devastating and cruel country to a life of freedom in Seoul, South Korea. At only twenty-two years old, Ms. Yeonmi Park has lived through what others will never endure over their lifetime. She grew up in North Korea under the current dictatorship where nothing was free. She was told by guards what to do and what to watch. In 2007, she fled the country with her mother to China. Once in China, life was not becoming any better for Ms. Park or her mother. They were both sold into trafficking after her mother was raped. Once they fled China, they crossed a desert in order to reach South Korea. Ms. Park stands on twitter as a North Korean defector and human rights activist. She is not afraid to speak out about the injustices. She wants to use the freedom that she has found and offer a voice to help others and protect human rights.

Town Residential At The NYC Real Estate Expo

In early November of 2015, a real estate expo was held in New York City. Many important real estate businesspeople of prominence were in attendance, including Ken McCarthy from Cushman & Wakefield, Peter Von Der Ahe from Marcus & Millichap, Clarion Partners’ Tim Wang, and Spencer Levy of CBRE, just to name a few of the real estate professionals there.

2015 has been a great year for the real estate market in NYC apartments for sale, noted that it “has been a very strong year” by Mr. Ken McCarthy. New York City’s housing market continues to grow consistently and has a firm foothold as the number one area to buy a home in the world — that is, if a home is even available. A tiny apartment will usually cost more than half a million dollars, with actual houses ranging in the millions of dollars. Space is scarce in the Big Apple, which is the main constraint of housing in New York City.

One of the most important real estate firms in New York City is Town Residential. Town Residential was chartered in 2010 by business partners Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger, who today are the co-chairman of the board and the chief executive officer, respectively. Town Residential almost exclusively focuses on apartments, homes, and properties worth at least one million dollars. In other words, Town Residential is the leading real estate company operating primarily in New York City dealing in nearly exclusively luxury homes.

It has been reported that attempting to lease any office space in any buildings in New York City has been difficult because there is so much competition for little spots available for offices. This trend is expected to continue into 2016 and probably even longer than that in New York City.

Town Residential has a long accumulation of listings of homes, apartments, condos, and all sorts of other living spaces in New York City. Everybody in New York City who is looking for a home or apartment to buy will have to be willing to fork over at least five hundred thousand dollars or risk not finding a good place to live. Town has listings for less than a million dollars, and have had some worth $30,000,000.

Eric Pulier: Why Choose Computer Sciences Corporation For Your Business

Are you in need of business technology solution? Looking for a reputable information technology service company? If you are looking for a trusted information technology service provider, consider Computer Sciences Corporation. Their services are designed for businesses that want to run efficiently, and they can help you.

Today, there are many technology solutions for business. And there are a large number of vendors providing services to business owners and organizations. You also have a wide range of services and pricing plans to choose from. Choosing the best solution can be a challenging task for many people. Furthermore, you will have to stick to your choice for a long time, because making any changes will definitely have a great impact on your company and bottom line. If you are a business owner, you will have to face that challenge of choosing new technology.

Computer Sciences Corporation is a reliable Information Technology Service Company, and can help you make the right decision. Businesses and home users alike often find it difficult when it comes to choosing an information technology service provider. And, let’s face it – many people have had both positive and negative experiences with information technology service companies and providers.

There is nothing more troubling and frustrating than having a fast approaching deadline only to encounter a business technology issue when your computer repair service provider is not available. As you research potential new service providers make sure they provide mobile phone numbers of the technicians and owners. Additionally, your service provider should have an easy to use automated system for capturing and responding to help requests.

At Computer Sciences Corporation, every company or organization has designated business technology specialists that are available all the time. Additionally, you can use their automated help desk support when you need help. They have certified technicians who respond personally to their clients’ requests promptly.

As part of their service level agreement plans, Computer Sciences Corporation performs an in-depth review of your existing technology infrastructure to figure out what needs improvement and how they can help you to maintain efficient system. Their mission is to ensure superior returns on clients’ technology investments. Computer Sciences Corporation comes highly recommended in the industry.

Eric Pulier is the CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation, a global leader of information technology solutions and services. H has been involved in many reputable projects, including government, charity and education. He also co-founded many businesses that provide best-in-class services and industry solutions. Eric Pulier is an author, speaker and entrepreneur, and is also founder of over fifteen companies that gross millions of dollars annually. Eric Pulier has many achievements and is highly respected by his peers.

A Biography of Telecom Exec Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in Sept. 1960 in London, United Kingdom, but he is a citizen of United States. He holds a doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Alma mater Cornell University. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. In the recent past, he has worked in executive positions with prominent companies such as GTE, Juniper Networks, Barclays as well as Verizon where he spearheaded product development among other cost-cutting initiatives. Shaygan Kheradpir was brought up in Iran where his father practiced as an ear, nose and throat doctor. It was not until his pursuit for a bachelor’s degree that he moved to the United States. 

Shaygan Kheradpir’s first job was with the GTE Laboratories where he was responsible for network routing, control as well as management. It was at this point that he was appointed the chief information office as The Wall Street Journal notes him as “one who delivers new products on a timely manner.” During his tenure at Verizon after GTE merged with Bell Atlantic back in 2000, Shaygan Kheradpir attained the position of president in the company’s e-business division. He later became the company’s first CIO/CTO. His position in Verizon enabled him to contribute to the different facets the company holds in the telecommunication business as well as in the automation operation. To achieve this high-end policy, Shaygan Kheradpir formed small teams responsible for developing new product ideas. Once the ideas had been invented, he came up with a 30-day prototype cycle that would test and where necessary modify such technologies. This policy enabled him to spearhead the development of the company’s FIOS fiber optic video initiative as well as the related DVR. To ensure there was rapid testing, these teams had to work late, which also meant demanding positions in the company. Nonetheless, his efforts brought about Iobi, an application that manages address books of a single individual across all his mobile devices. 

In 2004, he led in the development of the Verizon One, which serves as a phone, router, modem and a portable device. In addition, his leadership assisted the teams to reengineer most of Verizon’s core systems such as call centers, website, customer service systems as well as the formerly separated systems of GTE and Bell Atlantic. With all these developments, Shaygan Kheradpir was able to reflect new revenue by reducing its information technology budget by two percent, which meant reducing IT staff by up to 20 percent as well as reduction of purchased technologies by a whopping 30 percent. He was able to negotiate with remaining technology vendors to lowers their prices and initiated the idea of Verizon eliminating its policy that allowed purchasing auctioned IT equipment, mostly on eBay. There was a lot of reinstallation on Verizon’s IT hardware to ensure the software was upgraded. As of 2011, he worked with Barclays as Chief Operation Officer where he was involved in the development of customer products such as Pingit mobile payments software. He was later promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer and sat at the executive board though he reported to Antony Jenkins.

The Success of Kenneth Griffin’s Citadel

Kenneth Griffin, at a young age as made a name for himself in the world of investment. Mr. Ken Griffin is most notable for his accomplishment of founding the Citadel company which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Kenneth Griffin was born in Daytona, Florida and started his successful career at an early age. Mr. Griffin attended Harvard University. By Mr. Griffin’s Freshman year, he was already investing in the global market. By Mr. Griffin’s Sophomore year at University, Mr. Griffin had started his own company. Mr. Griffin had started his own company with over 200,000 dollars already invested in the company thanks to family in friends. One of Mr. Griffin’s biggest startup investors was his grandmother who invested the largest portion.

In Mr. Griffin’s Sophomore year at Harvard University, the investment company that was started up, was a success. Even after the crash of 1987, Mr. Griffin’s company remained strong due to his clever investment techniques. By graduation, Mr. Griffin was worth over 1 million dollars and was already set for his future career in investing.

Kenneth C. Griffin founded Citadel in 1990 with only 4.6 million dollars of venture capital on By present day, Mr. Griffin’s company has a net worth of over 6 billion dollars. Mr. Griffin’s company is renowned as being one of the wealthiest and most successful hedge fund institutions in the world. What Mr. Griffin sells are securities for the future to those that want financial stability.

Citadel is a global investment firm that has been praised worldwide. Forbes, starting in 2012, has ranked Citadel as one of the largest hedge fund institutions in the world. Forbes also ranked Kenneth Griffin as one of the wealthiest hedge fund managers in the world. Kenneth Griffin continues to remember his days at Harvard and he will never forget where the company of Citadel was started. Mr. Griffin continues to be grateful to Harvard University and has shown his appreciation through his generous donation of 150 million dollars.

Kenneth Griffin is not only a notable hedge fund manager, but is also a notable philanthropist who is a constant donator to institutes that advocate for medical care and education. Mr. Griffin has donated 500 million dollars to various causes around the US and has donated tens of millions of dollars to various institutions in Chicago. In 2006, Mr. Griffin even supported the building of a new charter school in Chicago that is now called Woodlawn High School.

In 2009, Kenneth Griffin co-founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This foundation has contributed millions of dollars Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center. This center is an experimental education center in Chicago that has a mission of improving the education in Chicago even further. Kenneth Griffin has a long list of contributions that he has made to further to progress in medicine and education. Mr. Griffin’s most notable accomplishment is the founding of Citadel. However, without Citadel, Mr. Griffin would not be able to better schools and hospitals through his constant contributions.

Anthony Marsala Flying Madison Street Capital’s Flag


As an international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital is committed to integrity, leadership, excellence and service in delivering corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to both public and private businesses. This myriad of services help their clients succeed in the global market. As they undertake new projects, they turn the clients’ goals and objectives into theirs ranging from financial advisory, successful capital raises, M&A transactions to transfer of ownership. They view emerging markets as the major driver of global growth of their clients and continue to focus significant assets to the markets. The firm has earned client’s trust through their dedication to the highest levels of professional standards.
The good work done by Madison Street Capital has not gone unnoticed. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in its 40 under Forty recognition program normally finds nominees under forty who have made extraordinary advances in financial forensic, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, mergers and acquisitions and related forensics. The program was designed to give voice and opportunity to the younger generation of industry mavericks by recognizing their contributions to the profession, their communities and their contributions yet to come. This is as stated by Brien K. Jones, who is the COO and Executive Vice President pf NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).
Anthony Marsala, who is the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Madison Street Capital was recently recognized by The NACVA as part of the 40 Under Forty recognition program for 2015. As a honoree chosen by the Executive Staff of NACVA and the CTI and a rising star, Anthony Marsala will be featured in a number of press releases, profiles in The Value Examiner, NACVA’s Association News and other distributions. Considering that the judges were overwhelmed with the quality candidates, Anthony Marsala’s name appearance on that list just shows how good he is at what he does.
Being a partner and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital LLC, Anthony Marsala is instrumental in leading and managing the firm’s international presence in other continents like Europe, Africa and Asia. He is also charged with overseeing the firm’s diligence and analytical teams performing all business valuation work for the firm’s Corporate Finance and M&A clients. He specializes in business valuation, corporate finance and M&A and has performed and reviewed a lot of valuation and transactional engagements in multitudes of industry sectors and company sizes with his primary focus on middle market companies and early stage ventures. As a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago where he studied both Finance and Information Systems and a Master’s Diploma holder in Strategy fro Said Business School at Oxford University, Anthony Marsala is a force to reckon with.
The original piece was published through the Chicago tribune